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I like Quake 1 by id Software. Occasionally I like other Quakes as well.

Despite its original launch leaving many id fans feeling scammed, I feel like Quake 1 is massively overshadowed by its predecessor DOOM.

I believe Quake 1 has a lot of unexplored modding potential, as it has its game code stored completely seperately from the engine code, built from its own language QuakeC.

I've occasionally messed with QuakeC, specifically FTEQW's Client-Side QuakeC (CSQC), as it's not often explored by the community. Not much has come out of my work.


Play the game:

First, some history on the types of sourceports

Sourceports I recommend:



I have done some stuff with QuakeC


I highly encourage you to try out modding and mapping for Quake (especially if you're familiar with DOOM or Source modding/mapping). Check out the following: